"An outstanding dancer, singer and actor.

The best Liza we've ever seen...( including the real Liza)"
-Charlette and Elliot Krane, Las Vegas Style

"A dead ringer for Liza, remarkably good"
-Pene Levine, Showbiz

"One of the most incredible impersonators"
-Bill Sewers, Call Back

"Incredible looks, uncanny vocal likeness, amazing tribute"
-Sig Sakowicz, Vegas Visitor

                            NEW YORK                                                    

“For spot-on impersonation, Goulet’s Minnelli gets the prize”                                          - John Hoglund, New York Native

"M Goulet was able to capture Minnelli’s eccentricities to almost a comical precision...You really could not distinguish the “fake”  Liza from the real Liza.            -   -Genevieve Horsburgh, Dan’s Paper, Long Island NY.                                 

"Mind boggling... stopped the show... Left the audience screaming for more"
- John Hoglund, New York Native

                       BERLIN, Germany

"Die Zwiete Liza Minnelli" (The 2nd Liza Minnelli)"
- The Berliner


"Awesome... Captures the interest of her audience..                                                                         has it putty in her hands... a-not-to-be-missed show"
- Lisa Lombardo, Todya's Post

"Terrific... Exudes that powerful Liza charisma...                                                               Spectacular... she's PERFECTION"                              
- Rona Costner, Aruba News

"The Impersonation is flawless... impressive...                                                                               what a show it is"
- Jan Gandelman, Aruba Today


                                     SAN JUAN,  Puerto Rico

" Absolutely Brilliant...she got a rousing standing ovation"
- Peggy Ann Bliss, The San Juan Star

"Amazed the crowd with her dance routines... was like looking into                                              a three-way mirror...was spectacular"
- Todd Michael Jamison, San Juan Star

"Deja boquiabiertos a los espectadores"
(Left the audience with their mouths hanging open)
- Vea Magazine, San Juan Puerto Rico

                               ATLANTIC CITY

"A genuine show-stopper"
-Charles Einstein, The Star Ledger

A better singer than Minnelli"
-Chuck Darrow, Courrier Post

"A true highlight of the revue"
- Maria Steiner, Whoot

"A human Xerox machine"
-Charles Lee, WFLM radio

"Brings the crowd to a frenzy"
- Helen and John Blaker, The Mainliner News

"Sensational... tops the show with an                                                                                                          unbelievable impersonation of Liza"
- Harvey Pollack, Guide-Kensington, Philadelphia

"An eerie re-creation of Liza -the hit of the show                         
-Al Golde, Press Focus