“This stellar performer is the astonishing Suzanne Goulet who sings with the same breathy, sultry voice, moves with the

same sexy mannerism and dances on stairs and chairs on legs that seem to go on forever”.

- Ruth Raven,  Tampa Tribune, FL

“Fabulous night....The spotlight slowly illuminates the stage and who do guests see but the indomitable Liza Minnelli.

Perhaps not really Liza, but one would never know that from the audience.”

- Carmen Rathburn, Hernando Today, New Port Richey, FL  

This show  brings out  Liza’s undeniable  stage presence and energy. In this fast paced 90 minute show, Suzanne gives a retrospective view of  Minnelli’ s  great career.

She sings live and performs with The Cabaret Dancers

some of Liza’s best musical moments from her movies and concerts. Production numbers highlight 12 costume

changes for Liza and her dancers.

The choreography exhibits  great variety from jazz to broadway and tap.  Liza displays her uncanny dancing prowess leading her Cabaret Dancers thru their tireless performances.

Suzanne enjoys  joyful moments with audience participation to the tunes of  “Sara Lee” and “Teach Me Tonight” adding humor to the show.

Suzanne’s rendition of Liza’s top hits like Cabaret, City Lights, Ring Them Bells, New York, New York and others, puts the audience  on their feet and at the

end of the show,  just wishing for more.......