“Frank and Liza”

          featuring DAVE HALSTON as FRANK



”Performances by Dave Halston as Frank Sinatra and Suzanne Goulet as Liza Minnelli topped the charts with perfect interpretations during their recent concert at the Hot Springs Village Coronado Community Theatre.

Halston and Goulet not only brought a vast and entertaining repertoire but engaged the audience with personal touches only dedicated artistes share.  

Goulet didn’t waltz onstage, but entered through the audience singing and greeting her fans as would Minnelli. Dancing since she was 3, Goulet didn’t waste any time showing her expertise in replicating Minnelli’s gestures and choreography from “Cabaret,” but also singing with a wide vibrato for which Minnelli was also known.

If Frank Sinatra’s wife, Barbara, chose Dave Halston as the person who mirrored the sound of her late husband, then it was no surprise to the HSV audience as Halston began his first set, it was if though Ol’ Blue Eyes was crooning just for them. Even Halston’s interpretation of Sinatra’s off-the-cuff jokes were textbook. Halston’s relaxed Sinatra-style, was flawless. 

Impeccable interpretation by the performers along with audience contribution rounded out a delightful, relaxing and thoroughly entertaining evening.” 

--Sandy Johansen, Staff Writer

The Village Voice

Hot Springs, AR


The thrill is back – with an exhilarating musical tribute "FRANK & LIZA"! The show is a rapid-paced musical journey through the classic and timeless hits of Frank Sinatra with the Broadway-like song and dance spectacle that is Liza Minnelli's trademark. Described as "warm, witty and sexy", the show features a remarkable exchange of music, humor and dazzling duets between two of the most talented artists working today – Suzanne Goulet and Dave Halston.


"FRANK & LIZA"  were very successful in 2017.

From the Tower Theater in Oregon to the Boca Box in Florida, and many places in between they thrilled their audiences and received many great reviews.