Denise Rose

               as “Judy”

     Suzanne  as  “Liza”

    and The Cabaret Dancers

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with the Cabaret Dancers

Las Vegas

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“This show brings enough energy to wear out the whole audience!”
                                                                     Ruth Raven - Tampa Tribune  

One class Show that you definitely cannot afford to miss”
                                                                        Donna Kay - The Beach Digest

More than sensational...true talent who literally brings down the house”

                                                            Arnold Brockman- Polo Club, Boca Raton  

 “Houdini himself could not have created such an illusion”
                                                     Buddy Clarke - Entertainment News & Views                    

Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli, the most famous mother and daughter entertainers the world of                                show business has ever seen, performed only just a few times “Together”.

In 1963, Judy introduced to the world her daughter, Liza, on the Judy Garland TV show and in 1964 they had a concert at the Palladium in London. Yes, it’s the highly acclaimed Judy who gave her teenage daughter  her first taste of show business. The world, unfortunately, never saw them performed “Together Again” as Judy passed away before Liza was successfully recognized as her mother’s equal.

"Judy & Liza, Together Again” is a tribute show with a concept that fulfills many people’s desire, which is to see the experienced Liza at her peak, back together with her proud mother.  Denise and Suzanne have the looks, the voices and the dancing ability to make this fantasy come true.  They also have the great energy that the originals always brought on stage and most importantly, they transmit the love they had for each other.

"Judy" and "Liza" sing lots of duets,  dance to old style choreography  and have moving dialogues. The “Cabaret Dancers” join our stars with a high level of energy and together they recreate classic production numbers like Get Happy, Swanee, Bye Bye Blackbird, City Lights, etc .  At the end of the show, it is revealed  that it was a reverie.......a day dream in which "Liza" let’s her mother know, with the help of video clips, that “It was a good time….it was the BEST time”.......

“Liza & Judy, Together Again”